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Below Beneath is a non-profit cultural site launched in September 2015. Our desire is to make available both the ingestion and the creation of cultural expression. Eventually our desire evolved into a voice that claims culture’s ability to influence people and society through the awakening of emotions. The writers and creators connected to Below Beneath focus on reacting as opposed to reviewing, and to question and problematize instead of pointing out rights and wrongs.

We write about The Art, The Literature, The Life, The Music, The Poetry, The Stage and The Screen. We write about the current but also about such that never stops being relevant. It is essential that we get to write, talk, discuss the matters that concern us, and we urge others to do the same.

Below Beneath wants to be a counterbalance to the elitism that so often is represented within culture. We believe that culture is free for anyone to interpreted and created regardless of background, context, capital and / or previous experience or status.

The people behind Below Beneath is a dynamic collective of editors and writers.

Would you or someone you know like to write for us? We are happy to receive tips on new writers as well as ideas on content.

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Karolina Modig & Linda Waxin

Editor in chief:
Linnea Åberg


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