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Ur Reckless Wedding, In Love, Maria Flook

In love, keep yourself half dead.

Wear white or wear black.

Rise up like smoke, or wait

as a stone beneath it.

Think of fog, hard rain, deep snow.

Remember the long walk through sand.

Never travel back

with the heart, or trust it

much with maps and landmarks.

Take an alternate street

and chase away every little dog.

Let go of sentiment´s heavy chain.

Forget hunger, let it stray behind

tall buildings. Fill it´s stomach with ice.

Don´t stand in the dark hoping

for small things to happen.

If a shade snaps open, or a light

goes on, keep walking. Look down,

underneath your own shadow.

Recite the recipe for glass, make prayers

with sand. Cut your lips with a beautiful

name. Then go to the red and blue lounges;

memorize legs and faces

as they appear flickering

under musical lights.

Drink until the heart and mind of it

are swallowed.

Sleep with one foot on the floor,

let dreams walk away

and never come back.

Turn like a wheel with night

and break apart, become two clear pieces.

Rain will surprise you with emergency bells.

The sun, in it´s coat of white light,

will attend you.

Another day holds a mirror to your lips.


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